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Air Cleaners/Purifiers Comparison

As per the current Covid-19 crisis, many have installed and many more continue to inquire about germicidal air purification systems. For years installed by those of us with insufferable allergies to improve the air quality at home, the added benefit of most of these products is that they also kill viruses and bacteria, as well as VOCs (Volatile organic compounds are emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids) which nowadays has become of vital importance to more people.

Let’s begin by understanding how big are some of the particles that we are trying to eliminate/control with our air cleaners and purifiers. Below is an excerpt from Trane’s CleanEffects TM brochure that explains perfectly the sizes and compares to what we currently use. As you can see, viruses and bacteria are incredibly small and require more than the regular filter which is insufficient.

Micron Sizes

Most of the filters we currently purchase in supermarkets or home improvement stores rate from Merv 1 to Merv 8. This means that pollen, skin flakes, bacteria, dust and pet dander still circulates in your home. There are also whole home media filters available which higher Merv rating, check here.

Another frequent question is related to ozone. Please beware of some ozone generator products offered and sold as air cleaners; there are a lot of misconceptions and misinformation in regards to ozone. Let’s begin by clarify that the ozone in the upper atmosphere is vital to the planet survival, on the other hand, ozone in the air we breathe is a different issue and there are health standards to classify how much is too much. We will not focus our Air cleaners comparison on this issue, please visit the links on the bottom of the blog for further reading.

IAQ products come into action by taking care of the smaller particles and add and important health factor to your AC system, which it is not longer just for comfort but for healthy air as well. As in everything, it comes down to personal preference, budget, specific goals, etc. Hopefully the chart below can give you a bit more information for you to take an informed decision in which product to install for the benefit of your love-ones and yourself.

IAQ products comparison

For a complete list of our Indoor Air Quality products and to see videos of how they work, click Here

Below please find a few important links for further reading on Indoor Air Quality.

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